Paint Your Own Pottery - Mug - Cereal Bowl - Kiln Fired

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Pottery Painting Home Kit. 

Paint your own pottery ceramic kiln fired kit. Everything you need is listed here to create a beautiful hand painted ceramic 10oz mug or 16cm ceramic cereal bowl.

Post it back to us (your cost) for glazing and firing (included in the cost) in our kiln before we send you back your finished master piece.

IMPORTANT - When ordering 

Items are kiln fired and therefore dishwasher and microwave proof although if this can be avoided there have been rare occasions of glaze crazing which occurs when pieces go from hot to cold quickly. That said we always dishwasher our pieces unless they are very special as the cleaning particles in dishwasher soaps can gradually over a long period of time, break down glaze.

What you will need to complete painting of your item:

Choose a bisque shape (s)
Choose your glaze colours (sold in 20ml) depending on your design 2-3 pots of colour are enough to complete designs,
You can order more colours. ~They are mixable to make browns or lighter or darker colours. Basic colours. Red/White/Black/Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow. The colours will look pastel once painted but will brighten to bright bold colours once fired. (Please DO NOT use any other paint types on your items as we will not be able to fire them - no acrylics or glass paints - they will burn off and rubberise in the kiln and ruin your item.
Order your paint brushes (unless you have your own already)

You will also need a normal pencil (Normal Pencil will burn off in the kiln but should only be used lightly to outline your design for painting and not indent any of the paint work or traces of the lines will mark) and you will also need some water to clean your brushes and sometimes add water to the glaze paints.

You will receive written instructions with your kit and there is a video too.

Once you have finished your designs, wait overnight before re-packaging them back up securely in the original packaging and send them back to us for firing. We cannot be held responsible for items arriving damaged so please do wrap them well and package them as central in the box as possible in case of any knocks. (address will be in the instructions)

Once we have received them back we will dip them into a clear glaze, let them dry overnight and then fire in our kiln overnight which will make them more vibrant, smooth and shiny.

For info: The mug above has been painted using the 3 containers on the left - not every part of the mug was painted but to show that a little goes a long way in the amount of paint you need to add artwork to an item. It was painted with a No 10 for the larger blue area, No 6 for some and a baby brush for most of the detailing, depending on your designs will depend on which brushes you would need.

I have been a potter and artist forever and have my studio teaching ceramics and pottery, canvas painting and fused glass. It is very therapeutic and you do not need to be an expert - its for kids and adults alike. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.