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This is for the downloadable tutorial video for our fused glass wave kit.

Only purchase this option if you have been sent a kit and have a voucher for the video download included in the pack. When at the payment section pop in your code and this will give access to download the tutorial.

If you have any issues with the kit, the download or the tutorial you can contact on

Many thanks


Create your own Glass Fused Flower Garden Wave.
Glass is a beautiful medium to work with, with stunning results.  Once ordered you will receive the ability to download the online tutorial video which will take you all the way through the making of a fused glass wave.  Please note that obviously glass is sharp and therefore not suitable for a child, older children would need the supervision of an adult. (26 minute video to pause as you wish)

The Kit contains all the pre cut glass pieces, glass additions, glue that you need to complete a 6 x 250mm (25cm long) fused glass wave. Return your item back to you and the 2 overnight kiln firings needed to firstly tack fuse your piece and secondly to bend your glass piece.

Once you have received your kit, set everything out on a clean workspace and then follow the instructions on the video.
Enjoy and evening with friends or by yourself.  Being creative is very relaxing and can help your mental state of mind.  If you've never tried glass fusing before this is perfect for a beginner.

When you have finished:
Once complete leave to dry for 24hrs before packaging it all back up and returning to our studio.  (Please use a signed for service and don't forget to pop your order number and name in the pack) Please also send a photo (either in the pack or email to so we can ensure nothing has moved during transit.

We will send you more than enough glass to complete your project and there is no such thing as rubbish glass so we would be very happy to receive back all left over glass and glue plus all the packaging to re-use if possible - Thankyou.

What happens next:
We will then fire your glass in our kiln overnight, once to tack fuse your glass.  (Tack Fuse is when the glass is melted to a point where all the glass is rounded but there is still plenty of texture in the piece).  Once cooled we will fire again in our overnight mold firing to bend the glass into the wave.

We will wait for a decent kiln load before firing so if your item is required a little faster do let us know.

Your finished item will then be posted back to you.

Delivery of your items:
Once ordered you will be able to video download straight away and your glass kit will be with you in 3-5 days, you will receive a despatch confirmation and tracking for your kit.

If you need any help you can text on 07717 829921. We will get back to you asap.

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Please do let us know how you get on with the kit :)