PTA Paint Night Events

Paint Nights can be a great social event and PTA fundraiser.

How it works:

Book in the date and start to advertise those tickets on our website. You are welcome to open it up to the local area or leave it as a private event.

On the evening of your event:

Set up your bar for drinks and nibbles
Set out the tables and chairs in columns for the number of tickets sold (a minimum of 20, maximum is however many you can fit in but usually around 60)
We arrive at 6pm for one hour set up ready to start your evening at 7:30pm
Our artist will then do an introduction and take everyone through the painting over the next 2 hours breaking for refreshments and toilet breaks!
No experience is necessary! and your guests will be amazed at what they have achieved!
Music, aprons and all equipment will be supplied by us 
We normally finish between 9:30-10pm when we will put everyone together for a group photo and we will tidy away.

We do take photos of the event but also give the option for people not to be included in these photos.

We will donate £1.50 of each ticket to your PTA event.  Tickets are £28