Children's Parties

We hold children's Craft, Pottery, Canvas Painting Parties!

The choice and prices of parties are below.  All parties are for between 8-14 children.  Please contact us on to ensure your date is available.
The Glazed parties and Fused Glass need to be kiln fired and items will be ready in one week.
The Acrylic Painting Parties items can be taken home the same day.

Parties last 1hr - 1hr 30 mins depending on the age and activity, and then you may bring in a party tea to lay out for 30mins once the activity has finished.

Parties for 8 children are £150.00 (for extra children please add the per child price)

Pottery Painting Money Boxes Glazed - £12.00 per child
Pottery Painting Money Boxes Acrylic - £11 per child
Pottery Painting Mugs, Plates and Bowls Glazed - £12.00 per child
Fused Glass Tiles - £16.50 per child
Canvas Painting Party (follow the artist) - £10 per child
Clay Tiles - Work with clay and paint - £12.00 per child